Spring Golf Etiquette


Golf Course etiquette is something that every golfer should take seriously. Some things are steeped in tradition and help maintain the integrity of the game, other rules are in place to help maintain the integrity of your golf course.

In the Spring, there are some things to pay closer attention to.

Take Preferred Lies: Spring is when you should really be taking your drops if your ball lands in unfavourable areas. A preferred lie means you aren’t going to be penalized for it. During the first few weeks of the season, the course will be damp and soft, making it susceptible to damage. Respect the restrictions to access on the course. It might be annoying that you can’t play your ball in areas that are still growing, but damage to these areas may delay the growth by weeks or even months. Move your ball to a better position and don’t worry about the added score.

Replace your Divots: This should be something you’re already doing all season long. Leaving behind large divots can cause long term damage to the course. In the Spring, the course is still growing and developing, so there’s a better chance your divot will leave a scar if left unreplaced. Retrieve the sod, tamp it back into the divot, and the course will stay in pristine shape year round.

Stay on the Cart Path: Know what’s worse than divots? Tread marks. If you choose to take a cart during the first few weeks, we kindly ask that you keep it on the cart path. This might mean a bit of walking to your ball, but with the course in such a vulnerable state, carts can cause lots of damage.

Keep Your Cool: Let’s face it, most of us aren’t going to be in our prime form in May. Your swing is going to be a bit rusty, it’s going to be a lot colder and wetter than you’d like, and the pre-season course conditions are going to make things a bit more challenging. Arrive at your game anticipating that you won’t be shooting as low as you want, and keep a cool head throughout your round. You’ll be back at peak form in no time.

Although the course is still growing and your game is a bit rusty, Spring golf is still a lot of fun. Green fees are attractively priced and the community is beginning to wake up from the winter, making it a welcoming spot for visitors. Getting a round of golf in is the perfect way to leave the cold and snow behind, and start looking forward towards a great summer!